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Solving “Can’t Set Default Printer” Problem

August 17, 2013 | Teknisi

Solving Error 0x00000709: “Can’t Set Default Printer” Problem.

problem default printerSaat install printer baru Epson Stylus T13X di windows 7, masalah printer tiba-tiba nggak bisa dijadikan default printer. Udah coba oprek dan cari solusi via prosedur microsoft windows, gak ketemu. ALhamdulillah ketemu artikel yang nunjukkin cara atasinya. sila disimak!

This article talks about how to solve error 0x00000709 that arises when you are unable to set the default printer in the Windows operating system.

I began to research the “operation could not be completed error (0x00000709)” error message on the internet. I came across a variety of solutions, which I tried in succession with no luck. I finally discovered the one that worked. It was a simple fix to the Windows system registry. This is what I did to solve the annoying little problem:

I.      Type “regedit” followed by the enter key in the “search program and files” text box in the pop up menu that appears after clicking the Windows“start button” in the lower left hand corner of the Windows desktop screen.

II.      Next, click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” in the left hand pane of the Windows registry editor.

III.      Then click “Software” followed by “Microsoft” and next “Windows NT”.

IV.      While under the “Windows NT” entry, click “CurrentVersion” and then “Windows”.

V.      Now, one of the entries you should see in the right hand pane is“Device”. If the value for “Device” as noted under the “Data” area is anything other than the printer you are using, then highlight “Device” in the right hand pane with the mouse and press the delete key to remove it.

VI.      Restart the computer so it starts with the altered Windows system registry.

After the Windows desktop appears again, you should be able to go into the“Printers” area and designate your printer as the default without receiving the “operation could not be completed error (0x00000709)” message.

Being able to designate the default printer can save you a fair amount of work over the long run. This is because you won’t have to specify your destination printer in the printer dialog box – it is already selected since it’s been set as the default.

Personally, I think these printer software vendors should be doing a more thorough job of removing these erroneous entries in the Windows system registry when their software is being uninstalled. They can’t seriously expect people without IT or computer repair backgrounds to be able to interpret arcane error messages and know how to proceed to a solution. Even most IT professionals would have to go online and research the solution so they could solve it themselves.

That said, this remedy is still fairly simple as long as you are careful not to change anything else that could potentially cause other serious problems with the Windows operating system.

Semoga bermanfaat!

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